EventMobi’s Hiring Spree Includes Targeting Former Teehan+Lax Employees

Earlier this month Facebook acquihired the heads of reputable Canadian design firm Teehan+Lax—and in the process, dismissed the body: dozens of employees were laid off as the company’s founders joined the social network, leaving everyone else behind.

Those former T+L employees should not have too much difficulty finding new work, however. The firm’s reputation shines a positive light on them, and already it’s obvious their talents are wanted elsewhere. For example, Toronto-based EventMobi is looking to hire Teehan+Lax employees.

“As Toronto’s fastest growing bootstrapped startup, we’re looking to add to our talented team so we can continue to make an impact on millions of conference attendees around the world,” the Canadian startup says in an address specifically to the T+L team. “To get it done, we’ve assembled an amazing team with a company culture you won’t find anywhere else.”

EventMobi is also hiring at the Techvibes Tech Fest in Toronto on February 19.