Eventsage Seeks to Streamline Event Booking

Through an online platform that is free for those seeking to create an event, Eventsage is determined to replicate and streamline the event planning process, and eliminate the client’s dependence on the trade secrets and exclusive relationships of professional event planners.

The Vancouver company currently operates in British Columbia, and was founded by Kimberley Rohachuk and Jonathan Buchwald, who, between the pair, have approximately forty years of experience in event planning.
Through the Eventsage platform, users can enter event details and receive tailored vendor options and quotes from a database of over 640 suppliers.  Everything from venues to photographers to décor can be booked through the site.  The founders believe that the customer should not need to hire an event planner nor be subjected to sales calls from vendors, and is better served having access to a multitude of event-related vendors in one place.

“We really saw a need in the market with regard to smaller meetings and events,” said Rohachuk. “What we’ve done is brought together a really curated database of event suppliers – not just venues, not just hotels, but everything organizers need in one place that they can go to with access to these suppliers, where they can send their requests with the click of a button.”

If the client that is setting up the event prefers a high touch experience, Eventsage also offers a ‘Sage Advice’ service, which enables customers to consult with a seasoned event planner for expert tips, contract review, or creative support.

The founders noticed that there are many professionals who need smaller-scale meetings and retreats, on the order of a couple of dozen people. While the need for event planning among these professionals is real, since the process can be painful and time-consuming to organize in-house, the smaller scale of these meetings could not justify the hiring of an event planner.

The platform is free for those who are booking professionals, as the revenue model depends on lead fees for vendors and a success fee for the successful vendor.

Elements of event booking have migrated and thrived online recently, event ticketing being one example, and the founders feel that the migration to web-based services will only continue to grow, and will in fact spur continued growth in the event-management sector, as their use can cut the time-sink office administrators currently experience when planning events.

The company plans to expand across Canada and into the United States in 2016.