Everyone is Rightfully Scared of Mobile Security Threats—But Too Lazy to Protect Themselves

Multiple reports have surfaced that suggest mobile users have fears over the security of their devices yet appear unwilling to protect them as necessary.

Software security vendor Metaforic’s Mobile Security report reveals that 68% of smartphone owners refuse to bank via mobile apps compared to just 14% who are scared to bank on a PC due to security fears. This is despite a plethoria of evidence suggesting that mobile app banking is as safe or safer than banking online on a desktop or laptop.

Meanwhile, Junisper Research is claiming that a paltry 5% of smartphones and tables run any kind of security software. This is a scary thought considering the Android malware pandemic, which has seen malware on the Google platform skyrocket by more than 3,300% in the past year. 

Further, Arxan Technologies estimates that up to nine in 10 mobile apps have been hacked at some point in some way. Both enterprises and developers, Arxan affirms, “are not prepared for these attacks.”

Metaforic CEO Dan Stickel believes mobile security must be achieved from both developers and users. He says that developers must make a greater effort to secure their apps while device owners must take precautions and be aware of common breach tactics hackers use.

“Unless mobile apps are immunized against unwanted modifications,” he warns, “it’s just a matter of time until a major breach occurs.”