Everyone’s talking CRM… What about Lead Management?

There’s a lot of talk about Customer Relationship Management (CRM), but that leaves out a very important phase of the sales process… like, getting the customer to begin with! Esteban Gonzalez of LeadLogSys LLC, the makers of Dashboard, recently enlightened me to the fact that lead management is a different animal than CRM. After thinking about it, it makes total sense… would you really want to mix up a ton of unqualified leads with established customers? Probably not.

The only counterargument I could think up was: would using two different systems (Dashboard for lead management and Salesforce or Highrise for CRM) be worth the benefit of not tangling up my yet-to-be customers with my established customers? The answer: only if my lead management system could easily feed into my CRM system. Can you guess where I am going with this?  

That’s right, Dashboard has recently announced some exciting updates that can be summed up in that one acronym that every developer loves: API. Dashboard is no longer a preset form – users can now create custom forms with a form builder, and the form can easily be posted to a website or shared via email, Facebook, or Twitter. Information collected through the form is automatically sucked into the Dashboard system. That means no more manually adding leads or importing them with a CSV file (unless of course you want to).

With the release of another API in the near future, Dashboard will have some other exciting developments in store (literally). Coming soon: a store where Dashboard users can buy leads, applications, and a variety of preset forms. And of course, like any great company, Dashboard will be measuring the conversion rates of the leads in their store in order to let users know which lead providers offer the most bang for the buck.

To date, Dashboard has been ideal for the industries that already know the importance of lead management versus CRM – freelance, insurance, forex, realty, mortgages, and debt consolidation. If you are in one of these industries (or want to prove another industry could benefit from really really simple lead management too), the good folks at Dashboard have been kind enough to provide you with a discount of $2 off the regular $14.95 monthly subscription. Your discount code is techvibes007.