Evizone launches new e-mail security and privacy tool

When sending out an e-mail it can go through multiple computers before reaching the intended recipient, possibly leaving copies of itself behind.

A new Ottawa company is looking to stop this and make sure e-mails stay secure.

Evizone, founded by veteran Ottawa CEO Andy Coutts who previously ran DataBeacon Inc among other local firms, “cures e-mail immortality” and shows that “privacy is not dead,” according to the company.

Evizone is a subscription service that provides secure communications between individuals and within organizations.

Users can create a workground on an Evizone server specifying who has access to the communications and a rentention period.

The information lives only on the Evizone server in an encrypted state and once the rentention period expires, the information is deleted forever.

“Companies today are seeking ways of controlling business risk, reducing e-discovery costs and protecting business critical information,” said Coutts in a press release.  “We saw a large gap between the document encryption tools on one end and the directory-based virtual data room or deal room solutions on the other. None of these solutions address the broader unsecured email conversations that inevitably occur among workgroups.”

Evizone costs $24.95 per month, per user through discounts are available for large groups. There is also a 30-day free trial.