Ex-Adobe guy Rob Burgess jumps on Syncapse Board

Social technology startup Syncapse recently announced it caught a big fish from the talent pool: they appointed Rob Burgess to the company’s Board of Directors.

Rob was Chairman and CEO of Macromedia from the mid ’90s to 2005. Then Adobe Systems acquired the company for roughly $4 billion. He still sits on Adobe’s board. Rob joins Ian Giffen, Chairman of The Descartes Systems Group, and also a former board member of Macromedia, on Syncapse’s inaugural Board of Directors. The appointment of Ian was announced earlier this month alongside a round of private equity funding to the tune of $3.3 million.

The company offers technology solutions, digital measurement products, and community building. Founded by entrepreneur Michael Scissons in three years ago, Syncapse now has offices in Toronto, London, New York, and Portland. Previously, Michael worked in media and marketing for Facebook.