Exciting times for TED fans in Ontario

Wednesday, March 3rd will be an exciting day for TED fans in Ontario. Not only will it be the penultimate day of the granddaddy of all TED Talks, TED2011, which is taking place in Long Beach, California, but the one-day TEDxWaterloo will be roaring out of the gate and Toronto TED fans will be gathering to watch a live stream of the Long Beach event and share their thoughts on the speakers at TEDxToronto.

In case you don’t know what TED is (yeah right; I’m pretty sure everyone who reads Techvibes has heard of TED at least once), TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design, and aims to disseminate knowledge on a vast number of topics by presenting talks from leading experts dealing with those topics. The experts may be as famous as Bill Gates, who gave a well-known address on malaria in his capacity as a philanthropist, or a relative unknown like Kiran Bedi, who spoke on leadership and the role of women in India. While the subject matter is never predictable, the quality is always predictably high.

In Waterloo, 12 speakers from Canada and around the world will take the stage at the Centre In The Square and share their experiences and insights with attendees. Among the most well-known of the speakers are:

  • Roberta Bondar [pictured], Canadian neurologist and astronaut,
  • Shawn Qu, CEO of Canadian Solar,
  • Abby Sunderland, American sailor, who was the target of a daring, successful rescue effort after her boat became damaged on the Indian Ocean in 2010, and
  • Shelley Ambrose, co-publisher and executive director of literary magazine The Walrus.

TED wouldn’t be much without audience engagement and collaborative discussions, so plenty of breaks will be scheduled for guests to share their thoughts with one another. Please note that the Centre In The Square is completely filled up to see the speakers live, but there are several locations playing the live stream of the event, and there will be tickets to the after party sold on a first-come, first-served basis at the Centre. For more info on TEDxWaterloo, click here.

TEDxToronto has already filled up, but there is possibility for more seats to be added. This event will show the live stream of the TED2011 to an audience of over 50 attendees at the Centre for Social Innovation on Spadina. Staytuned to this page for any updates, and feel free to sign up for the seating wait list.

You can get more info on TED2011 in Long Beach, which started today, here.