Exclusive: Lucas Lu introduces Ei3

This past weekend, Techvibes was able to cover the inagural EpCon 2010 conference in Waterloo.  We were also able to get the scoop on a new social venture that EPIC launched that weekend called Ei3.

Ei3, according to their literature, is a platform for multidisciplinary experts to come together and tackle immediate local and global issues by fostering open dialogues, discussions and innovations.  It also strives to become an agent of change, to bring visible and sustainable solutions to the problems that are faced by millions of people in underdeveloped regions with the aid of technology.

Lucas Lu, the spark behind this new venture, believes that the technology solution should be made to address specific needs and problems faced by the community and its members.

The following video is Lucas’ introduction of Ei3 to the Techvibes community: