Exclusive: Vancouver’s Snoget Launches New Holiday Game Challenge

I had the chance to catch up with Steve Bocska recently. He is the CEO of Pug Pharm, a Canadian online video game developer. Based in Vancouver, Pug Pharm’s Snoget is publically launching a a sneak-preview of their “Holiday Wish List” collection challenge on December 1st, so I wanted to tell you first about it.

So what is Snoget you ask? Imagine being a fan of kayaking, Hollywood movies, and literary fiction. Well, what if you could play an online game that actually required you to find people with the same interests? And what if you could only win by collaborating and communicating with those people? That’s Snoget — a network-extending game that basically picks up where Twitter and Facebook leave off, delivering a new, highly-interactive gameplay dimension not offered anywhere else on the web.

Playing is simple. Snoget requires players to participate in interest-based challenges and actually rewards them for making social connections. Through an extremely simple gameplay mechanism, you hunt out and attach yourself to virtual objects that represent literally thousands of interests, beliefs, attitudes, preferences, and items. Gameplay is created through compatibility checks, collection gameboards, messaging broadcasting capabilities, virtual relays, karma points, leaderboards, and a levelling system — all of which socially connect people with similar interests and attitudes.

Snoget players will experience a new form of interactive entertainment that combines the best elements of both social networking sites and online games,” stated Steve Bocska, CEO of Pug Pharm. We believe Snoget is the world’s first true social networking online game and picks up where games on Facebook or Twitter leave off.

How is Snoget different?

Snoget isn’t like other so-called “social” games that simply take an old-fashioned, turn-based gaming approach and disguise it within a mafia, farming, or fishing theme. Snoget isn’t just a one-off Shockwave game, either. It’s a new form of gameplay within a dynamic and constantly changing system, introducing all the complex human emotions around the desire to collect, communicate, collaborate, and customize.

Currently, Snoget can be played in any standard web browser that supports Flash 10. Future plans include dedicated clients for iPhone, Android, and Facebook/MySpace widgets.

Steve says with this launch, selected beta players a rare chance to get a headstart on their collections in anticipation of the first “compatibility test” feature, which is scheduled to roll out shortly afterwards. For those who are interested in participating, a select number of closed beta keys will be given away through the website allowing testers to join other invited players in the game.