Execution Labs Now Taking Applications for Second Cohort, Adds Second ‘Internal’ Track to Program

Execution Labs is now accepting applications for its second cohort of indie game teams.

The Montreal-based organization, which combines the services of a seed stage investor, publisher, and accelerator, says that it is adding a second track to its program this round.

“For this cohort, we’re adding a second track to our program,” explains cofounder Keith Katz. “We still have the ‘spin’ track, which is geared for game teams who want to spin out into their own indie studios once they complete the program. We’re now adding an ‘internal’ track, which is designed for developers who want the creative freedom to make the games they want to make, but who don’t necessarily want to run their own studios.”

“They’re still independent teams,” he notes, “but they stick around after their games launch and continue servicing that game while working on their next project.”


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Double Stallion Games, whose game Big Action Mega Fight recently launched on iOS, is what Execution labs describes as “a prototypical spin track team.” The game studio raised $150,000 from BDC Venture Capital in the form of a convertible note and is preparing for the next phase of their company’s development.

“We’ve learned so much while at the Labs, both from a game development standpoint and from a business perspective. We know we’ll still get support from the Labs when we leave, but we’re ready to take the leap,” says Dan Menard, CEO of Double Stallion.

Execution Labs has its first internal team in Pixel Crucible, a team from its first cohort that will launch its first game, dungeon crawler MacGuffin Quest, on iOS this month.

“Remaining at Execution Labs as an internal team makes perfect sense for us,” explains team lead Remi Lavoie. “We can continue working on MacGuffin Quest and begin production of our next game while getting support from the Labs. Having in-house analytics, marketing support, and a steady stream of amazing mentors is incredibly valuable.”