Exit Strategies for Entrepreneurs, Investors and Advisors

The Vancouver Angel Forum is hosting a unique first-time Exit Strategies workshop on March 9th at SFU Harbour Centre that will be a blend of presentations and war stories with lots of time for Q&A and networking.

A good exit strategy may make the difference in getting an investor or not. Companies need an exit strategy first, which in combination with their capital requirements, drives their financing strategy.

If you’re trying to raise money now, ask yourself:

  1. What is my exit strategy and why do I need one before I look for investors?
  2. What type of investor best matches my exit strategy and capital requirements?
  3. What are the four major steps I should be doing now to plan for a successful exit? 

Speakers include Axel Christiansen, Basil Peters, Randy Garg, Mike Volker, Steven MacDonald, Steven Lukas, Brent Holliday, Thomas Hellmann, and Bob Chaworth-Musters. Tickets are $270 but you can save 10% by quoting “Techvibes” while registering online before February 28th.

BONUS: Anyone that registers a second person on the same registration will receive a free copy of Basil Peter’s new book: Early Exits: Exit Strategies for Angel Investors and Entrepreneurs.