Extreme Startups Graduates Fifth Cohort, Celebrates Capital Injection

Extreme Startups opened the TSX this morning to celebrate the graduation of their fifth cohort.

The graduating class of five consists of Hurrier, Fora, Dubb, Innohub, and Preo.

Hurrier connects consumers, retailers and couriers by providing mobile access to on-demand one-hour delivery. Fora trains and places young Africans in web development jobs by identifying open jobs, providing rapid skills training. Dubb is the phonebook reinvented. Innohub’s flagship product Uplette automates, consolidates, and optimizes the mobile advertising experience through the delivery of smart post-ad content. And Preo offers a new way to order food and drinks and bars and restaurants.



Over the past year Extreme Startups has evolved their ideation stage accelerator model to one that only accepts companies “much further along.”

The Toronto-based accelerator was initially funded to do six cohorts over three years ending in 2014. But “given our new model evolution momentum and portfolio results,” Extreme said today that its institutional investors—including BDC, Relay Ventures, and Rho Canada Ventures—have injected fresh capital, which will “allow us to accelerate our plans to expand operations internationally and substantially evolve the value proposition to startups that join the portfolio.”