ExtremeU Graduating Start-ups

The start-ups which went through the inaugral ExtremeU, the first summer start-up program in Canada, are just coming out of wraps. They are Assetize, Locationary and Uken Games. I had a chance to sit down with the founder(s) of Assetize and Uken Games and would be profiling these start-ups and their stories in detail over the weekend. The key thing which I noticed is that ExtremeU did an amazing job at fiinding and funding some great talent and ideas. Assetize especially struck to me as being onto something big and being in a good position for that – “in-stream twitter ad network”…how does that sound ? Exciting ? From a start-up in Canada ? You bet! 🙂

The entrepreneurs mentioned what a great experience the ExtremeU program has been for them – where the idea was that ExtremeU would provide office space, mentorship, and basic funding ($5k / founder) in return for 10% of equity. The founders mentioned that one of the key reasons they chose to participate in ExtremeU was because of the people behind (ExtremeVP) and the great connections they would bring to the table. In other words, they anticipated and got “smart money” from ExtremeU – weren’t in it for just the $$ itself.

Stay tuned for more on ExtremeU and the graduating start-ups..