ExtremeU Pitch Day On Nov 12th

It was an exciting summer for Toronto’s start-up community with the inaugural ExtremeU start-up program in town. Started by Extreme Venture Partners, the program involved participant companies working to launch a product in 12 weeks. On Nov 12th, ExtremeU will be presenting this first graduating class at a special “Pitch Day”. Farhan Thawar, the “Dean of Studies” at ExtremeU, mentioned:

This summer, we launched the first accelerator program in Canada on June 22th.  We tasked our teams to go-big or go-home and launch an exciting online service in only 12 weeks.  We gave them lots of:

  • help ($5k + $5k per founder, free office space, free internet access, etc.)
  • mentorship (a world-class speaker every week, networking socials, etc.)
  • iterations to get things right (weekly builds & demos, frequent pushes to production, agile development practices from Xtreme Labs, etc.)

Some very exciting start-ups have come out of this program, and I’ll be profiling them in the days leading up to the pitch day.