EY Announces 2013 Pacific Entrepreneur of the Year Finalists

This month, Ernst & Young announced the 2013 Pacific Entrepreneur of the Year finalists.

Technology company founders among the finalists include Shannon Rogers and Warren Roy (Vancouver’s Global Relay Communications); Jeff Booth and Robert Banks (Vancouver’s BuildDirect Technologies);and Shahrzad Rafati (Vancouver’s Broadband TV).

“We’ve been celebrating the achievements of local entrepreneurs for 20 years now and their stories still continue to amaze and impress us,” says Ron Voyer, Pacific Entrepreneur Of The Year program director. “These entrepreneurs have put Pacific Canada on the map, growing local industry and creating jobs and opportunities that continue to attract the attention of global players.”

EY’s World Entrepreneur of the Year awards held in Monaco last month focused on job creation. According to EY’s latest report, Global Job Creation, the 47 companies gathered at the awards gala represented nearly 60,000 jobs created in the last three years alone.

From coast to coast, the Pacific finalists represent a total of 50,909 jobs in Canada.

“There’s no denying the impact entrepreneurs have on job creation,” says Voyer. “And our Pacific Entrepreneur Of The Year finalists are no exception: their relentless focus on turning innovative ideas into realities is helping pave the way to a better working world.”

Check out the full list of finalists here.