F5 Expo Launch Party with Malcolm Gladwell

On January 26th at 5pm Massive Media is hosting an F5 EXPO launch party at V Lounge above the Yaletown Earls.

The event will feature a live telecast of an online Question & Answer session between Malcolm Gladwell and 25 select business owners/executives who will be given the opportuntity to ask Gladwell their toughest questions.

Ever wondered what it would be like to ask an international genius anything? Now is your chance.

Malcolm Gladwell, Author of Tipping Point, Blink, Outliers, and his latest book, What the Dog Saw, will be teleporting LIVE from New York into Mingleverse, a web-based live social media website for an exclusive session with North American business executives.

Massive Media will be hosting Gladwell with Vancouver-born technology from Mingleverse and attendees have a number of options on how to participate both online and in-person. Register online for the launch party and while you’re at it grab your ticket for Gladwell’s live keynote at the F5 Expo in April in Vancouver.