Facebook adds suite of new safety features to protect its community

“Facebook” and “Safety” are two words akin to water and oil; they just don’t seem to mix.

But the social network has added a host of new safety features to help combat with stigma. 

First, more resources for families; Facebook has launched a newly redesigned Family Safety Center, in which you’ll find “useful articles for parents and teens and videos on safety and privacy, as well as many other resources … [and] a free, downloadable guide for teachers, written by safety experts Linda Fogg Phillips, B.J. Fogg and Derek Baird.”

Second, social reporting tools, which allow people to notify a member of their community when they see something they don’t like. “Safety and child psychology experts tell us that online issues are frequently a reflection of what is happening offline,” reads the Facebook blog. “By encouraging people to seek help from friends, we hope that many of these situations can be resolved face to face. The impact has been encouraging, and we’re now expanding social reporting to other major sections of Facebook, including Profiles, Pages and Groups.”

And last but certainly not least, advanced security features. This includes Two Factor Authentication, a new feature to help prevent unauthorized access to your account. “If you turn this new feature on, we’ll ask you to enter a code anytime you try to log into Facebook from a new device,” Facebook says. “This additional security helps confirm that it’s really you trying to log in.”