Facebook aims to ‘make mobile more social,’ launches new mobile features

“200 million people around the world are now actively using Facebook from a phone, more than triple the number just one year ago,” Facebook’s Erick Tseng said in an company official blog post.

This stat supports Facebook’s new features that aim to amplify the social facet of the mobile experience. Quoth Erick’s blog post:

Life happens in real time, and so should sharing. Today’s mobile phones allow people to connect on the go and to share interesting moments as they happen all around them.

Earlier this week, when the Giants won the World Series, revelling baseball fans took to the streets of San Francisco. I immediately grabbed my phone to take pictures and to share them on Facebook. Within minutes, I had friends liking and commenting on my photos–instant gratification from a truly social, mobile experience.

Today, we’re taking another step forward in enriching your mobile experience with major updates to both our Android and iPhone applications, as well as with the launch of single sign on–a hassle-free way to log in to mobile applications.

Facebooks features are as follows:

  1. Places and Groups for Android: “You and your friends can now check in to your favorite restaurant, museum, business or any other location from your Android phone,” Erick says. “Create a group for your poker buddies, and organize an impromptu game this weekend just by messaging the group from your [Android] phone,” he adds.
  2. Find Deals on iPhone: Places and Groups are also on the iPhone now but more significantly, Facebook is launching Deals for the iPhone. Unfortunately, it’s U.S. only, but will eventually roll out to Canada, enabling you to find location-based deals via Facebook for your iPhone.
  3. Single Sign-in: A new feature that erases the inconvenience of typing complex passwords and usernames on tiny mobile keyboards, as highlighted in the video below.