Facebook Clicks Like on E-Commerce: Company is Testing a ‘Want’ Button

Last week we learned that Facebook’s one billion active users have clicked the iconic “Like” button more than 1.1 trillion times since 2009. (Facebook didn’t have a Like button for over five years. We know, it’s difficult to fathom.)

Now Mark Zuckerberg’s social network is testing a feature that lets users create wishlists of retail products via a “want” button in what some believe could be the beginning of a massive—and potentially lucrative—push into e-commerce.

“People will be able to engage with these collections and share things they are interested in with their friends. People can click through and buy these items off of Facebook,” Facebook said in a statement.

As hinted at above, Facebook has dubbed this pending wishlist feature “Collections.” The company, which currently relies almost entirely on advertising, could effectively diversify its revenue sources by leveraging its gargantuan mass of users through e-commerce and, even more important, m-commerce.

Unfortunately Canadians will need to be patient. Facebook will release the Want button only to US users for now, and is doing even that through a gradual rollout.