Facebook gets 1,000,000,000,000 pageviews per month

I wonder how long it took the entire internet to reach one trillion pageviews when it started? Years, no doubt.

But times have changed, and now a single website is receiving this many pageviews every single month. Facebook.

The globally popular social networking site has over 700 million registered users, and according to new data compiled by ad network DoubleClick, the site saw nearly 900 million unique visitors in June, totalling one trillion pageviews.

This means each visitor averaged 1,150 pageviews. And since many (particularly the 100 million-plus who don’t even have an account) probably only visited it a handfu of tims, there are likely tens of millions of users triggering site several thousand pageviews monthly.

Your head’s probably spinning, as it should be, but remember: Facebook is built for pageviews. Think about clicking through a photo gallery one by one—that could be 30 or 50 pages right there. The behaviour Facebook encourages is one of constant clicking.