Facebook “Hacker” Refutes Title

Vancouverite Byron Ng, who recently exposed Facebook’s privacy settings as unreliable by ferreting out allegedly hidden pictures of Paris Hilton through her brother’s account, claims he’s not the hacker he’s made out to be by the media. Despite also pulling off equally impressive feats like exposing a torrent containing most of the final Harry Potter book last year, Ng says he’s better at publicity than coding.Ng claims that while he’s good at talking to the media and articulating how he’s able to explain security loopholes, he’s really working off the sweat of dedicated hackers who would rather spend their time coding than talking to reporters.But despite Ng’s protests, dealing with the media can be its own form of hacking, one which will become more and more important in years to come as mainstream culture starts to look closer and closer like the hacking subcultures of yesteryear and computers continue to dominate our lives.