Facebook Letting Canadians Beta Test New Messenger Features

Facebook is introducing a cool new feature to its Messenger mobile app today: voice messages.

The social network’s iOS and Android apps will be updated soon with a “Record” toggle. Users can press and hold the button to record voice messages over wifi for friends.

The app feature is in beta mode for now but will be available to Canadian users immediately, a rare move for the US-centric Facebook. Blogs are buzzing about the potential disruption of this feature (and the one below), considering they’re free and the social network has more than one billion active users.

And to amplify the excitement, Facebook also noted it will be beta testing a VoIP calling feature similar to Skype. All that’s required is for both users to have the latest version of the app. This feature is also open to Canadians.

On Android, users don’t even need to log into Facebook to use the Messenger app anymore. Combine that with the recent addition of the Poke app, and you have a company who’s clearly pushing mobile—formerly Facebook’s weakness—very, very hard.