Facebook on the verge of going to federal court over PIPEDA’s 2009 complaint on privacy


In July of 2009, privacy commissioner Jennifer Stoddart reached a deal with Facebook after it felt the heat from Canada complaining about its poor privacy policies. The deal gave the social networking titan one year to comply with the Canadian internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic’s privacy-based requests.

That year is up, and PIPEDA doesn’t appear pleased.

In May, Jennifer publicized that she was “disappointed” thus far with Facebook’s lack of effort to change its privacy policies. Since then, she has remained quiet about what Facebook has done between then and now.

Well, now is her time to review Facebook’s latest privacy policies. And if the review comes in negatively, she’ll have the power to either open a new investigation or seek a binding order from Canada’s Federal Court.

Facebook issued a statement this week saying that its “enhancements and changes” over the past year have addressed the commissioner’s concerns and places the company in line with Canadian privacy laws. PIPEDA disagrees. Time will tell, very soon, whether Facebook is up to snuff, or whether a legal war will ensue.