Facebook: One Billion Users, One Trillion Likes

Number of the day: one billion.

That is now how many active users Facebook has. Boom. It’s an incredible number, but apparently not enough to push the social network’s stock up: shares are in the red despite gains across the Nasdaq and Dow.

Facebook revealed other stats, too. About 60% of active users are also active on Facebook via mobile, representing 600 million users (and they’re finally being monetized, though modestly for now).

Further, roughly 265 billion photos have been uploaded all-time on Facebook. 219 billion of those still exist, while the other 46 billion have been deleted or otherwise removed. And 63 million songs have been played 22 billion times on Facebook, equating to more than 200,000 years of music, the social network says.

But what about the famous Like? Even though they’ve only been around since 2009 (photos have existed since 2005), there have been a staggering 1.13 trillion—yes, trillion—likes.

Bonus: check out Facebook’s first-ever commercial below, in which the social network likens itself to things such as chairs, airplanes, and the sport of basketball.