Facebook senior director talks about leveraging communities and managing your identity

What kind of opportunities are out there for your company on Facebook?

Facebook senior director, Alfredo Tan, wants to show you that the business opportunities on the world’s most popular social networking website go beyond wasting time and playing Mafia Wars; they are tangible, and they can lead to real results.

Sales & Marketing & Executives International will host Tan and his presentation, “Is Facebook the Elephant At Your Company?” a presentation all about managing your company’s Facebook identity, and how to “tap into the power of communities.” The event will take place on March 22nd at the Terminal City Club in Vancouver.

He’ll be answering these questions and more during his presentation:

  • How do organizations get a handle on their employee identities?
  • What are the pros of using Facebook as an identity store for my business’ consumers?
  • If a social community is impacting my brand message (negatively) what can I do about it?

For more information, including registration info, click here.