Facebook Unveils New Platform to Educate Agencies on Creative Advertising Opportunities

The advertising agency community plays an important role in the future success of Facebook.

A year ago, the company polled its agency clients worldwide to find out how to help digital strategists, media planners and buyers get the most out of their advertising efforts with Facebook. One of the biggest needs identified was for inspiration on how to be more creative when developing Facebook advertising campaigns.

To address that feedback, Facebook is launching a new platform today called Facebook Studio Edge, which will keep agencies up to speed on the latest and greatest that the Facebook advertising platform has to offer. The social network has been testing the platform with a limited number of launch partners up until now.

Last week, I sat down with Jennifer Kattula, Head of Global Agency Marketing at Facebook in Toronto, to learn about the new social learning and recognition program for agencies.

According to Kattula, Facebook Studio Edge will include a revamped version of Facebook Studio, “providing educational tools and resources in the form of ten short, interactive learning modules tailored to the busy agency employee’s lifestyle.” New courses will be added to the curriculum as needed. The platform will focus on three key areas to help agencies optimize their usage and knowledge of Facebook including: Pages, Ads and Technology.

Facebook is also adding more social discovery features to the platform including a directory that highlights overall agency listings, allowing them to showcase their work and the achievements they’ve earned via Studio Edge. “Each agency will get their own gated page where leadership can monitor the progress of their team and submit creative examples of Facebook campaigns that the company has developed,” says Kattula.

Right now, the platform hosts 750 creative Facebook campaign case studies from agencies worldwide—there are already 48 from Canada. Check out these examples from Kokanee (developed by Grip Limited) and L’Oreal Paris Canada (developed by Nurun).

Facebook Studio Edge will also allow individuals to showcase their knowledge of the Facebook platform and let them receive recognition for online training. They will be rewarded for the completion of courses in the form of badges that they can share along with case study submissions that they have received credit for within the platform.


A video of the judges disucssing the awards.


While Facebook Studio Edge is currently only available to agencies that are part of major holding companies and select independent agencies, the company plans to make the platform accessible to others in the near future. If your agency doesn’t yet have access, you can request an invitation through the website.

Facebook is now accepting agency submissions for the 2013 Studio Awards which are open until December of this year. Here’s a video of the judges discussing the awards. Visit the Facebook Studio website to learn more.

Digital agency readers, tell us what you think. Will this new solution help you to improve your creative advertising efforts on the Facebook platform?