Facebook Ups IPO Range, Social Network Now Valued at More Than $100 Billion

At Facebook’s original $28 to $35 per share, the social networking giant was pegged at a valuation of roughly $94 billion, just under earlier predictions of the $100 billion mark. But due to “strong demand,” Mark Zuckerberg’s company has just upped the IPO range to a high of $38, which hikes the valuation of Facebook to a mind-boggling $104 billion.

Facebook generated a little over $1 billion in its most recent quarter, suggesting 2012 revenue of about $5 billion. That means the company’s valuation will be approximately 50 times its annual revenue, which suggests anyone willing to pay $38 per share currently anticipates extreme growth in the coming years. Perhaps that IPO roadshow video was more convincing than we thought.

Once the company debuts on the public stock markt, it will have sold a stake of up to 12.3% through more than 330 million shares, raising roughly $12 billion in capital. And Zuck, who just turned 28, will be one of the wealthiest humans in the world thanks to his atypically high stake in Facebook.