Facebook Announces New Verified Profiles and Pages

The Facebook experience is in a constant metamorphosis, always expanding and developing, seeking the perfect mould for users.

Now Facebook has announced the new verification for profiles and pages on both desktop and mobile. This new feature allows people to easily search and find authentic pages, without having to filter through all the unofficial replications.

Facebook promotes genuine engagements between users, specifically with celebrities, journalist, government officials and popular brands and businesses. And the new verification system allows the experience to be heightened in every aspect. After all, we want to know that the person we are talking to is actually the person we want to be talking to.

The dark alleys of social media now have some lights. When a page has been verified, badges will appear in a number of places recognizing the site as the official one. These badges can be found next to the name of the page, when hovering over the name, in graph search queries, in stories about people liking a page and in news feed ads for your page.

If your Facebook profile has to be verified, then the simplest way is to add your cellphone number into your account. Facebook will then send you a text message with a confirmation code. Enter the code in the space provided and your account will be verified.  

Facebook will be working tenaciously in the coming days to automatically verify the largest pages with the greatest duplication risk. Although they are unable to accept verification requests for all pages, they are able to resolve your duplication issues through the Help Centre.