Facebook’s f8 Conference: Canadian content

On April 21st, Facebook held their f8 conference in San Francisco.  The purpose of the conference was to bring together the developers and entrepreneurs who are building the applications we find on Facebook.

Seeing as Canada (and Toronto to be specific) is a hotbed of digital activity, I thought I’d seek out some Canadian attendees.  One of the Canadian-based companies that was present was Awareness, Inc.  I had a chance to one of the Directors, Robin Dindayal.  Here is a little bit of our conversation:  

Thanks for doing this Robin.  First of all, what does Awareness do?

We build on-demand social marketing software for marketers who leverage multiple social channels to engage with their customers, build their brand, and increase revenues; supported channels currently include Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, YouTube and Awareness Communities with more to come soon.

Awareness has a product called Social Marketing Hub.  Can you tell us a little bit about what this does?

The Awareness Social Marketing Hub is built upon Awareness’ expertise deploying more than 200 communities and social media projects for some of the world’s biggest brands including USA TODAY, McDonald’s, Kayak.com, Sony, JetBlue, Kodak, ASOS.com, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts and AIRMiles. The Social Marketing Hub lets marketers:

· Control your social media publishing with enterprise-grade permissioning, workflow, and audit controls

· Centralize your social media strategy and execution to coordinate product, business unit and corporate messages

· Use social media to engage throughout the entire customer life-cycle

· Measure success across social media channels 

Why was it important to attend the Facebook f8 conference?

As the Director, Product Management at Awareness, Inc. I attended the Facebook f8 Conference for a variety of reasons.  Primarily to learn first-hand about the new tools and features that Facebook would be making available to developers and end-users. 

It was also important to understand the implications for brands/agencies and how we at Awareness, Inc. can leverage these new tools as part of our product to help our clients best engage their customers, build their brand and increase their revenues. 

Were you at f8?  If so, we’d love to hear from you. Maybe you have thoughts on all the announcements made at f8.  Please comment below.