FarmVille GM to Keynote 2010 Game Developers Conference Canada

Game Developers Conference (GDC) Canada is returning for a second year to the Vancouver Convention Centre on May 6th and 7th and Bill Mooney, a Vice President at Zynga and General Manager of FarmVille will be delivering a keynote address.

A veteran game developer from such major game publishers as Activision and LucasArts, Bill Mooney joined San Francisco-based social games developer Zynga in 2008 and quickly became a Vice President at Zynga and GM of FarmVille. Mooney’s experience extends beyond the realm of videogame development, having worked for 5 years as a trial lawyer, as well as stints writing for television programs, both animation and live-action. At Zynga, Mooney helped develop the wildly popular Mafia Wars and FarmVille titles, helping to establish both franchises as pioneering social games.

Mooney’s keynote, entitled, “Building Social Games: Games at the Speed of Light,” will touch on the development of FarmVille and Mafia Wars, and the growing popularity and fanbase that has quickly ballooned to over 85 million active users. Attendees will walk away with a deeper understanding of the rapidly evolving social gaming space and where it is poised to go, and with insight into viral propagation across the world, the low barriers to entry which create agile competition, and the rapidly changing and imperfectly understood marketplace.

GDC Canada attendees will gain insights into new business opportunities with sessions addressing iPhone Games, Digital Distribution and Social Games alongside tracks focused on best practices in Game Design, Business/Production and Programming.

Of particular attention to Vancouverites attending the conference will be Jason Bailey’s session titled Social Games – 85 Million Farmers Can’t All Be Wrong. Bailey was the founder of Super Rewards which was acquired by Adknowledge for an estimated $50 Million.