Fast-growing Freshbooks adds host of new features

Within the past couple of weeks, the rapidly growing online account program, Freshbooks, has released a slew of new features, greatly improving the value of a site that was already great to begin with in. From Freshbooks:

Project Budgeting
Ever wished you and your team could track your progress against an hourly project budget? Shazam! Well with FreshBooks, now you can. Simply enter the budgeted number of hours for any project and then you’ll see the progress you (and your team) are making towards your budget. Check out the blog post for more details.

Per-Client Late Payment Reminders
Been taking advantage of automated late payment reminders? But you don’t want to send them to all your clients? You can now turn on/off late payment reminders on a per-client basis.

Invoice Autobiography
For any new invoice you create, the invoice’s history will be tracked including changes, payment and client views. You can view them below any invoice.

Added languages
You can now send invoices and estimates in Danish and Portuguese.

Co-Branded Referral Pages
When someone from your network clicks on your unique referral link, they will be brought to a co-branded landing page with your company’s name and logo on it.

More screenshots available here.