Father of VOIP coming to Vancouver

Jeff Pulver, a co-founder of Vonage, the mastermind behind “the Pulver Order”, the FCC ruling that declared computer-to-computer VoIP service is not a telecommunications service and uber networker, is coming to Vancouver. Among the many other hats Jeff wears, he’s well known for his “Breakfast with Jeff Pulver (and friends)” events. Featuring real time social tagging, attendees use post it notes to “tag” each other. These then become your personal “tag cloud”. A Fortune reporter explained the experience best:

Pulver explained you should use the smaller stickers to “tag” or “poke” people. Shortly after I started duly interrogating bloggers and programmers as they munched on bacon and eggs, someone reached across and applied to my chest a sticker reading “reporter.” [Fortune]

Breakfast with Jeff Pulver (and friends) in Vancouver takes place on June 12, from 8 am – 10 am. The location is still TBA, so if you’ve got any great breakfast suggestions, please let me know! If you’re interested in attending, you can RSVP here.