Our Favourite Super Bowl Ad from Each Quarter of the Game

This year’s Super Bowl is over but its 70-plus ads will live on forever via YouTube.

Here’s a standout ad for every quarter of the game.

First Quarter

The first quarter seldom boasts the best, funniest, or most controversial ads. But we felt inspired by Reebok’s “Be More Human” ad, which layered emotionally charged exercise sequences over Woodkid’s amazing song, “Run Boy Run.”

Second Quarter

While most Bowl ads run a full minute, Doritos crams a lot into 30 seconds (unlike their bags, which come barely half-full of chips). It’s a bit formulaic—Doritos could be replaced for many, many other products and the ad would be just as effective—but it’s lighthearted and speaks a few truths about sitting on planes.

Third Quarter

Panoramic views of some of the most beautiful places in the world. A simple, heartfelt song recognized by everyone. It’s a car commercial, and it’s not wildly unique, but the Jeep Renegade ad works and it works well—as long as you’re not a sickeningly patriotic American (with an awful knowledge of history) who somehow manages to take issue with a “deliberate misinterpretation” of Woody Guthrie’s music. What else can we whine about, First World?

Fourth Quarter

Engaging from start to finish, with a surprise ending, Mophie’s clever ad is possibly our favourite Bowl ad this year.