Feds working on a broad National Digital Strategy for March Budget

According to The Wire Report’s Karen Fournier, the Canadian Federal government is working on a broad, national digital strategy that could be released in the March budget.

Insiders say they expect a made-in-Canada, national digital strategy that will touch upon modern spectrum management; information and communications technology; telecom management; research and development; broadband access; electronic medical records; e-commerce; copyright reform; cyber-security; next generation networks (NGN); and foreign-ownership policy.

The movement for Canada to create a national digital strategy gained momentum in April of last year after the Conservative government introduced an anti-spam bill to crack down on unwanted emails and text messages. By June 2009, Industry Minister Tony Clement announced that a digital economy action plan was in the works for the fall but none was released.

According to Fournier’s article, an all encompassing National digital strategy could include taxation policy, talent strategies, access to capital, broadband policy, net neutrality, progressive copyright, intellectual property, foreign ownership rules, and the Canadian Media Fund.

Hat tip to Riz Kheraj for the heads up.