Female and Starting Up in BC? This is Where You Can Get Some Cash

For all the female entrepreneurs out here in BC, I found some great resources that can help you get started, especially for technology-based businesses. Although the next few resources are for women starting any business, there are components that cater to technology.

The Forum for Women Entrepreneurs BC is a great resource for female mentorship, programs and networking.  It’s nice to have a female prespective about an industry filled with men.  From a series of programs like the Roundtable, Mentor and Intern programs, the E-Series is especially useful for tech-oriented women.  The program runs through January to June and costs $1500, if you’re accepted. (Past participants include Flickr Co-Founder Caterina Fake.)  Their next event is coming up on March 31. They will discuss typical challenges businesses face and try to find solutions to help.

The Women’s Entreprise Centre is another fantastic place to look if you need inspiration, guidance and a business loan.  Offering a wide range of services, the centre has been around for more than a decade.