Fido and Rogers go “Uno”

Fido and Rogers are bringing Wifi and GSM technologies together with UNO, a service plan and handset designed around creating “zones” for unlimited calling. The handset is designed to default to a wireless network while at home, so minutes aren’t used on the phone, and defaulting to a customer’s wireless plan while on the go. The wifi/GSM plan will also be available through Rogers, and will be an optional add-in to an existing plan, at $15 for unlimited local calls and $20 for unlimited local and long distance (from a wifi hot spot.)

With landline use shrinking and Canada’s wireless environment screaming for customer service and innovation, Uno could be a success…..but better still would be a plan that works with phones that are already wifi-enabled, like the Nokia N95 and Apple’s iPhone, both of which are set to debut soon on the Rogers network. The Uno plan will also require a special router, and really, couldn’t the same savings come from reduced wireless rates?