Leaving the Agency World Behind, Heist’s Field Guide App is Born

Earlier this month Toronto design agency Heist Data + Design announced on its website that the company was winding down.

“Someone told us early on that every service company is three months away from going out of business,” the statement read. “Today, our three months are up.”

Heist Founding Partner Christopher Hayes took to Medium to share lessons learned by the company summing it up with one poignant sentence: “The truth is, we’re a design agency that built a great product-team-for-hire.”

Well that product team didn’t take long to find a fit.

User research is a fundamental part of a successful design process. This is something Heist learned from years in the field, serving everyone from mega-clients like Telus to early stage startups.

In establishing their practice, they discovered information on user research was hard to find and the toolkit needed to run it was usually just hacked together. They craved a standardized process and streamlined systems to run user research – from in-person to remote research, qualitative interviews to prototype testing.

Field Guide was born.

Field Guide empowers any design team to leverage the power of user research to make their products and projects better. Field Guide provides the tools and education you need to get started with user research immediately, regardless of budget or experience.

But most importantly, it enables your team to collaborate seamlessly and receive actionable next steps for their work, quickly and clearly.

Co-founder Christopher Hayes (his brother Rob is also co-founder) explains, “We’ve tried every platform and hack out there. Finally, we decided just to build the user research tool we always wanted. Call Field Guide the ‘Bootstrap for User Research’. We’re putting it on rails so anybody can start doing design research.”

Bootstrapped to date itself, Field Guide App has found early traction snapping up over 550 beta users overnight at launch and is now fielding calls from interested investors.