Doubling Users in Seven Months, Figure 1 Wants to Become ‘Operating System of Healthcare’

The “Instagram for doctors” continues to gain popularity.

Toronto’s Figure 1 now has more than one million healthcare professionals on its platform, according to The Globe and Mail, which is doubled from seven months ago.

Images have been viewed a combined 1.5 billion times on the Canadian company’s free tool.

Quoth The Globe:

Now its ambition is to become the dominant online platform for doctors, or “the operating system of health care,” said Boris Wertz, a Vancouver venture capitalist who has backed the company. This week sees the introduction of a secure messaging tool on the app that allows users to communicate directly with one another rather than just commenting for all to see on a message board accompanying images. Other recent features added to the app include the ability to host one-on-one live conversations with prominent figures in health care sectors, as well as online forums led by doctors providing in-depth clinical discussions.

Three years old, Figure 1 has more than 30 employees but does not generate revenue. So far it has raised $9 million.