Filemobile helping brands harness the social web

fmToronto based Filemobile just recently launched a new suite of products that is designed to power and harness the growing popularity and use of social media tools. 

Many corporations and brands are using social tools like Twitter and Facebook to monitor and sometimes engage with their customers and audience. These companies see a value in joining the online discussions and commentary that surrounds them.

Filemobile hopes to help companies attract this same sort of discussion onto their own internet and mobile properties. Steve Hulford is Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Filemobile:

Companies realize that they can’t build their business exclusively in public social networks. They need to include social networking and rich media on their own web and mobile applications as well as interact with public sites. This empowers companies to manage branding, terms of use, privacy, content, user information and analytics.

For a full demonstration of these new applications, please visit: