Filter Tweets with TweetAgora


Have you ever been hanging out on Twitter and all the tweets are about how dumb one dude is on the Bachelorette or how awesome is Glee is? Mark Pavlidis (@mhp) and Bretton MacLean (@EtotheZ) did something to help us out.

Mark and Bretton developed TweetAgora. TweetAgora is a full featured Twitter client with advanced filtering capabilities. From being able to filter out keywords to muting people to hiding foursquare check-ins, you can enjoy Twitter and its awesomeness.

Here are a few questions with the founders of TweetAgora on how they got started and what this app can mean for a better Twitter experience:

How did the idea come into fruition?

We came up for the ideas behind TweetAgora over a series of patio beers last summer. Basically we weren’t satisfied with the current offering of Twitter clients, so rather than just complain we decided to put our respective Software Engineering degrees to use and make a better client ourselves!

What is the main problem you’re trying to solve?

The biggest problem we’re trying to solve is improving the signal-to-noise ratio. To reduce noise, TweetAgora lets you filter out tweets containing certain keywords (like #bachelorette), mute people (while still being able to receive mentions/DM’s from them), mute conversations, and mute foursquare/gowalla/formspring updates. To improve signal, we provide the option to view all of the links, pictures, or retweets in your timeline, and we allow people to create ‘Agoras’ that let you bring any number of Lists, keywords, or people together in one dynamic timeline.

Who do you feel will use the app?

Most likely it’ll be ‘power users’ who follow a lot of people on Twitter & want to reclaim the value from their Twitter stream. There’s also a strong use case for businesses who are interested in monitoring their brands using Agoras.  

What are your goals with the app?

With TweetAgora we’re trying to provide people with the tools to extract more value from Twitter. We love the idea of Twitter, but it’s all too easy to miss the good stuff when it’s surrounded by noise.

I know it’s early, but what are the next steps in terms of improving the app?

We’ve got an internal list of enhancements, bug fixes & new features coming, but we don’t want to give anything away just yet ;). With the recent iPhone4 announcement, we’re definitely going to be working on a “retina display” (high resolution) version of the app. It’s also come to our attention that we have an intermittent crashing issue, so that’ll certainly be high on our list for the next release. On top of it all, we’ll be working on an iPad version.

TweetAgora is great for getting rid of tweets that you don’t want to take up your stream. One of the exciting features is the ability to create an Agora. An Agora is a mix of lists, keywords, and/or people which is really helpful at events and conferences where people are tweeting at 20 tweets per minute (love Toronto’s tweeps!).