Financing your Vision with Calgary Technologies Inc.

If you are an entrepreneur wanting to find out how to get your idea funded, you’ll want to check out Calgary Technologies Inc.‘s seminar on Financing your Vision.

CTI has run similar seminars in the past with great success and they continue to be in high demand. The next Financing Your Vision seminar will be offered on May 3rd at the Calgary Technologies buildin in North West Calgary. This one day seminar is for technology entrepreneurs that are seeking more information about financing their company’s growth.

Join CTI’s Entrepreneur in Residence, Alex Raczenko and Alberta Deal Generator’s, Henry Kutarna, as they discuss financing strategies and tactics. Included in the topics presented will be discussions on Bootstrapping, Government Support, Debt financing, Equity fanancing, Venture Capital and accessing Angel money in Alberta. Basically, all you need to know for getting the cash to ensure your idea goes from thought to product.

Speakers for the day include: 

Michael Loh – CEO, iConnectivity

Michael graduated from the U of C with a BSc. in Electrical Engineering, a Minor in Computer Engineering. He has been working in technology industry in Calgary for 19 years in fields such as oil and gas instrumentation, cellular phone infrastructure, VoIP and consumer electronics. Having a heart for entrepreneurship, Michael has progressed through smaller and smaller companies, from Nortel through to Wireless Dynamics Inc. – gaining more skills and experience each step of the way. Two years ago, Michael took the final step to entrepreneurship and created iConnectivity (was iKingdomCorp) with the mandate to create hardware products that can connect to your iOS (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad) device.

Garry E. Bourns

Garry has more than twenty years of diversified experience in wireless and geospatial technology. Most recently Garry held the position of CEO with Widality, a smartphone application software start-up that was acquired by Wmode in the fall of last year. Prior to Widality Garry was the co-founder and CEO of Nexaira Wireless, a broadband wireless technology company based in San Diego California. Garry began his career in the geomatics market sector, working in various marketing roles with Intergraph Canada, before moving into international business development with Novatel Wireless and Wavecom. Garry holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Calgary.

Jessie Acton – President & Co-founder, Paramount Structures Inc.

Jessie has been involved with several junior Oil & Gas and technology start ups. Jessie received his technical experience in the Oil & Gas industry when he was 18 as he worked throughout the industry for 5 years. He went back to college when he was 24 and has been on the corporate side of Oil & Gas, primarily involved in junior start ups as an entrepreneur for 6 years. Paramount Structures Inc. (PSI) provides Canadian-made blast resistant modular structures or BRM’s. PSI was the first company in Canada to develop the technology for BRM’s used for the protection of workers against a blast at refineries and gas plants.

Alex Raczenko – Entrepreneur in Residence, Calgary Technologies Inc.

Alex Raczenko has been actively involved in the evolution and growth of Calgary’s IT sector since the early 1980s. Alex brings a wide range of experience and well developed base of contacts to the role of Entrepreneur in Residence for Calgary Technologies Inc. As a founder, manager and advisor Alex has actively lead and participated in the growth and evolution of several tech startups and early growth stage companies in both private and public company models. As a consultant, he has assisted tech firms in dealing with a wide variety of growth related leadership, management, operational and financing challenges and re-organization and re-alignment initiatives. His experience with establishing the correct priority and alignment between market, business and technology domains has proven effective in helping technology companies establish a strong market and business centric foundation for future growth and evolution.

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