Find a Co-Founder: Speed Dating with Boot Up Labs

If you’re in a startup and looking for co-founders or want to work with a startup, you need to check out Boot Up Labs Entrepreneurial Society‘s first ever networking event for co-founders, called Co Founder Speed Dating.    Attendees can be business or tech, and will have the chance to network with like-minded individuals.  As the BLES’s blog says,

.. finding a co-founder is a lot harder than finding a contractor or temporary help. So, how do you do it? As with all things people related, networking (off-line and on-line) is the answer. Yet, one of the biggest problems for early stage entrepreneurs, is that their social networks are small and local. We’ve been thinking about how we can help solve this problem (aside from manually introducing people we think might be a fit) and have come up with an idea: take all the early stage entrepreneurs who are looking for co-founders, put them in a room together, and give them a chance to “speed date” with as many potential co-founders as they can.

This event takes place right before Launch Party 7, so sign up and stick around. Beneficial for anyone needing that extra boost. June 2, 4-6pm at the Landing (right side of Steamworks restaurant).