Find Office Space and Lend a Hand

Are you a startup looking for prime downtown Portland office space on the cheap?  Are you in town for meetings, events or recruiting and need space to get things done while you’re in town?  Want to help someone at the same time?  Well, you’re in luck.  A great new startup is looking to help others and fill a need at the same time. 

NedSpace, an office-sharing location in downtown Portland, has an awesome and innovative plan to change the world.  If NedSpace can fill their remaining spaces by June 1, 2009, they will fund some scholarships in Cambodia and a technology lab in Tanzania.  Here is a snippet of the plan:

So here’s what we at NedSpace would like to make happen: Help us sell out the 4 remaining offices (at $400/mo. ea) and 60 desk spaces (at $175/mo. ea) by 5 PM PT Monday June 1, 2009.

If NedSpace accomplishes this, and of course anyone is free to help, NedSpace will in turn:

1. Donate $5,000 to Epic Change ( to build an innovation & technology lab in their Tanzania school (follow @staceymonk on Twitter)

2. Provide three full scholarships to children living in Cambodia ($5,000) distributed through and overseen by Sharing Foundation ( /) (follow @kanter on Twitter)

This is a worthwhile effort to help folks “over there” and here in Portland at the same time.  If you’re looking for space, consider this as your Plan A!  You’ll feel better about yourself and still get your work done.