Find the nearest liquor store with BoozeHound for the iPhone


When I first heard about BoozeHound (from Vancouver based Deversus Software Inc.), I immediately thought how many times I could have used this app on my iPhone. A couple of times recently, I’ve been en route to a friend’s house or party and needed to stop at the liquor store and pickup something either as a gift or for myself. Both times, I was in a different part of town that I wasn’t familiar with and struggled with Google Maps to find something nearby.

While Google Maps can certainly help find local stores by simply letting it know where you are and entering the name/category of store you’re looking for in the search field, often you get too many results or false hits.

BoozeHound’s purpose is to solve that problem. By building an extensive database of stores that sell booze across Canada (except for rural Manitoba and PEI), the app quickly lists all the liquor stores near you. It also shows you how far away they are and what I really like, it lets you know if it’s open via a simple green or red icon. They have store hours for all BC Liquor Stores, private liquor stores in the Lower Mainland, as well as all of Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia. Store hours for other provinces are coming in future updates as well as US locations.

Clicking on the store gives you address information, hours, directions (via Google Maps) and a button to report the location details as inaccurate.

BoozeHound is available December 1st on the App Store for $1.99. That’s pretty much my only complaint about this app. It’s a great single purpose app that you may have to use occasionally. It should be free (with ads would be fine), not $1.99. When making the decision to use Google Maps and paying $2 for a little more information, I think most people will opt for the free option and put that money saved towards their booze purchase.