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Why pay retail prices when you can get dramatic discounts?
TeamSaveThat’s what Chris Nguyen and Lee Liu had in mind when they were putting together helps local businesses reach out to locals for great deals on what they love to buy through the power of group buying.

After selling their first business, a platform which simplified the job search process,, Chris and Lee move to their next challenge. Living in Toronto and being Ryerson University Alumnus, they realized a disconnect between businesses who know the importance of leveraging discounts and marketing through social media and the customers who want a deal; so they created to bring them together.

Chris mentions that the concept of social buying is growing. It’s the concept of group buying and leveraging social media to get as many friends to buy the deal within 24 hours. Social media plays a noticeable role for With incentives to share deals with friends and family, the viral structure of leads to sales for the local business but also creates awareness to highly targeted audiences.

On the day TeamSave launched, they were everywhere on social media platforms. What’s interesting is that more than 40% of the buyers found the website through social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. But Chris says that there is a long road ahead:

“Businesses are looking for different marketing channels to attract more customers, through the social buying concept we can guarantee customers while providing the consumer a great deal. This is a win-win situation for all. For TeamSave, our mission is to decrease the number of steps it takes from the purchase of the deal to using it in store.”

No one likes to wait and TeamSave is doing something about it. With apps coming out soon for smartphones such as iPhone, Blackberry and the Android, TeamSave is looking to get their deals in front of more Torontonians.

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