Fire on the farm: Farmville errors trigger Firefox update

Mozilla’s web browser, Firefox, issued an update on its update. Why? Because of FarmVille, the exceedingly popular Facebook-based social game, according to tech news site Mashable.

Fire 3.6.4 came out last week, bringing along several bug fixes, and adding a new feature that crashes unresponsive plugins after 10 seconds, but not crashing the browser as occurred prior. Sounds like a solid update, but, wait for it…

FarmVille, an Adobe Flash-based game, often takes 10 or more seconds to load. So tons of Firefox users weren’t able to harvest their crops and care for their cows. Mozilla quickly released Firefox 3.6.6, extending the time from 10 seconds to 45 seconds, enabling the game to load fully.  Download the newest Firefox here.

I wonder if Mozilla would have issued a repair that quick if Barack Obama complained about a bug. Probably not. Power to the social gaming masses.