Firefox Developers Trapped in Whistler, File Bug

 A major story this week was a rockslide on the Sea to Sky highway north of Vancouver, blocking the primary route to Whistler. This happened Tuesday, and it’s estimated that it won’t be clear until Sunday. Whereas the drive between Vancouver and Whistler would ordinarily take about 2-3 hours, the alternate route takes 6-8 hours. Among the visitors stuck in Whistler were numerous Firefox developers and community leaders at the Mozilla Summit 2008. In the face of this problem, Mozilla Messaging head David Ascher did what any good developer should do: filed a ticket – Bug 448604 – Can’t get out of Whistler

Some highlights from the long string of bug comments:

“I think this is a blocker… literally ;)”

“Let’s tunnel under them using a proxy”

“This is what we get for holding a meeting at a Windows code name.”

“Hasham has proposed that we ride bears to Vancouver as a workaround for this bug. Bears can run up to 48 kilometers per hour and Whistler to Vancouver is about 300 kilometers. It would take approximately six hours and fixteen minutes if the bear ridden is running at top speed at all times. Realistically, the time needed is about eight hours.”

“Since this bug effects only a small portion of Firefox users, proposing this as WONTFIX. Perhaps interested parties can create an extension?”

“I want to remember to all that there will be a ‘i cannot go out of whistler party’ in Shawn’s room”

“Can’t we revert back to a previous revision of the mountain?”

“Why is this a blocker when there’s a known workaround? See link

“Steps to reproduce please.”