Fireside chat on Social Gaming at EpCon 2010

One of the more exciting and interactive sessions during EPIC‘s EpCon 2010 conference in Waterloo wssas its Fireside Chat on Friday afternoon.  Featuring Shobeir Shobeiri, Kevin Li, and Anish Achariya the panel discussed many interesting aspects of social gaming.  If you’re not familiar with these 3 personalities , here’s a brief bio on each one:

Shobeir is a founding member of Plug & Play Technology Centre which has fuded and incubated more than 270 start-ups worldwide.  Kevin is more connected in Silicon Valley (even a a student at Waterloo University) than Mark Zuckerberg is.  At least that’s my impression.  But seriously, he took a year off school to work in the Valley for start-ups such as NeoEdge and Watercooler.  Anish is a former engineer and is a co-founder and CEO of social gaming company, socialDeck

The Chat started off on a light-hearted foot with Kevin arguing that to become rich and famous, oklne should get into mobile porn apps.  After a few nervous looks and laughs the panel shared some interesting thoughts such as:

  • Shobeir – If you’re interested in starting a company focus on solving a problem and not on monetization.
  • Kevin – Study the business of “drugs” and understand how to get people hooked to your product.  Retention in online social gaming makes more money for companies than getting new customers.
  • Anish – Mobile is the next frontier for social gaming.
  • Kevin – The next huge market for social/virtual goods is China.  In North America this market in worth $1 billion.  In China the market is just $5 billion.  As the largest country in the world, this is a small number. 


If you were on this panel, what thoughts would you share?