First ‘Lifestreaming’ app comes to the iPhone

Corvallis-based Strands just released the first version of their iPhone App. A social networking aggregator, Strands’ app lets users share their online action with other friends using Strands. Users can also comment on and rate what’s shared by friends, and share their own Twitter activities. Strands creates a “taste stream” of the websites that users frequent, and then posts it to friends’ iPhones. The app then points out the things that they think each user will be interested in seeing.

A “lifestreaming” company in the vein of FriendFeed, Strands is gaining some notice as the first lifestreaming iPhone app despite its fairly small user base. There have already been quite a few positive reviews – if you’ve tried it out, let me know your thoughts on it.

The company has also shown a keen interest in developing their mobile pages, and the clean UI reflects that dedication. Strands also offers an online money-management tool, and a website recommender tool.