First proper glimpse of the Blackberry Bold 9800 slider

If last month’s iPhone 4G leak wasn’t a treat enough for techies (and a PR nightmare for Apple – or was it?), this month brought us RIM’s newest models of the Blackberry – the Blackberry Bold 9650 and the Blackberry Pearl 3G. But the internet tech circles are already buzzing with news of a newer model rumoured to be in the RIM pipeline soon – the Blackberry Bold 9800 slider.

Photos leaked earlier this year by Blackberry Leaks showcase a sleek new design replete with both a touchscreen and manual keypad, with both features adding legitimacy to the claim that this could be the new Blackberry Slider (aka the Storm3). A video released three days ago by prolific internet sensation Boy Genius purportedly included a demonstration of this gadget in action, but was later taken off by Youtube “due to terms of use violations”. And it looks like RIM decided to demo the rumoured OS 6.0 operating system with this model.

Ordinarily, you could probably brush this off as yearning CrackBerry  hype, but two things seem to indicate otherwise.

First is the fact that RIM hasn’t released any information pointing to the existence of this device, but you could argue that that’s what gives these rumours their virality. What’s interesting is the second point – which is the speed with which this content was pulled off Youtube for copyright violations. Yes, Youtube does reserve the right to pull off videos that violate copyright, but there are dozens of videos out there that violate copyrights – Boy Genius’s video was pulled off less than 70 hours after it was first uploaded.

Luckily, I found another video that claims to demo this same piece of tech wizardry.

What do you think – rumour or reality? Hype? I’d love to get your thoughts.

(Video credit – ikejhamb)